How does this work?

  1. You order promotional items from nbtsuppplies.com
  2. We print them and ship them to you.
  3. You receive a bill for whatever you order at the end of your NBT Rally.

How long does this take?

About two weeks, unless you rush your order. But rushing does cost extra.

Can we customize the designs?

When you order an item you can add a few extra lines of text. But the designs themselves can not be customized (This helps us keep the costs to you as low as we can).

How much do the items cost?

Flyers cost $85 for the first 500 and $37 for each additional 500.


cost for   

Postcards and Invite Cards cost $65 for the first 250 and $26 for each additional 250.


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Banners come in three sizes per the table below.

Banners (calculate cost)

Size Indoor Outdoor*
12′ (44″ tall) $230 $330
10′ (36″ tall) $200 $300
8′ (24″ tall) $160 $260

*Outdoor banners will be slightly shorter because the edges are folder over and reinforced.

Ready to go?